How to find meaning and connection amidst challenging times

with visual art, Nonviolent Communication and Neurobiology

I am happy to invite you to this online live course (Zoom) on making meaning and finding companionship through visual art with NVC and Neurobiology. I will offer support and guidance to your learning the skills that you would be able to use daily, amidst whatever uncertainty, isolation or challenges that are happening for you, including current pandemic and its effects.

I will offer you methods that I have used day in and day out, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, with all uncertainty, isolation, loneliness, worries, losses and big unexpected changes that it has wrought on us. I believe, from my experience and that of my students who also used them in different countries during the pandemic, that these methods do help us to find meaning amidst chaos or frozenness, and colours amidst bleakness. You can see it below in the artwork from my "pandemic diaries", a part of my daily visual journalling practice.

We will cover the following methods:

  1. anchoring and accessing your resonating self-witness through visual art
  2. visual art way to step towards that what would support you with the challenges, be it loneliness or anxiety
  3. creating the visual art empathic container for your feelings and states
  4. transforming the tangle of trauma (including that which relates to pandemic) with visual art

What will you get?

  • Visual "how-to" for every stage - I will show you my approach, give explanations and answer your questions before we start
  • The time together to draw along and call on me for support in case you are stuck or unsure or can't get moving with your process
  • Before we start, guided exercises to prime your creative process and easing you into it, no matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced visual artist
  • Support and feedback on your work - your questions answered


6-8 PM PDT, 9-11 PM ET: WEDS evenings - JULY 29, AUGUST 5, AUGUST 12, AUGUST 19, AUGUST 26

In other time zones these same times are Thursdays 30 July, 6, 13, 20, 27 August, e.g. 8-10am Vietnam, Thailand, 9-11am Malaysia, AEST 11am-1pm .


Zoom. We will send you instructions for Zoom once you joined, before the first session.

What do others say?

Pavla Haluskova, USA (Neuroart Foundation mini-workshop followed by some one-to-one support from Olga)

"Yes!! I learned so much from this sweetest human and dearest friend .. this work is very healing approach how to bring our inner self into more tangible place outward and catching ourself with empathy when actions blocks enter into our field. Iā€™m so in love with neurographics and neuro painting .. deep gratitude for these teachings .. such a beautiful support of the work we do with Sarah (Peyton). Thank you my lovely friend. In deep bow to you!!šŸ’›" - Pavla Haluskova, USA

" I recommend Olga's work so very highly..." - Sarah Peyton, USA, CNVC CT, Author of "Your Resonant Self"

Can I join if I absolutely can't draw?

Yes! We believe that with this step-by-step method, as long as you can hold a pen, breathe and watch a 5-10 minute video and follow instructions in it, you would be able to use this approach. Here is some work of the students who did the equivalent of this Foundation-level course facilitated by Olga.

Jaya Manske, Mindfulness and Well-Being coach, USA

Robin Collins, USA

Han Tran, Vietnam, and Melissa Dao, Vietnam and Poland

Sittharmanin Susamawathanakun, Thailand

If you are still unsure, we offer 10-days money back guarantee (from the time of the first session).

What art materials do I need?

  • a fineliner (a black ballpoint pen will do at a pinch),
  • a piece of paper (printer paper will do) and
  • some pencils, crayons, markers or felt tips (whatever you have at home will do!)
  • optional: scraps of colourful paper, fabric, anything to collage with, scissors and a glue stick.

If you want to get more things or are really into your art materials, we share various tips on art materials as one of the videos in the course. The sky is your limit!

Your Instructor

Olga Nguyen (Neuroart)
Olga Nguyen (Neuroart)

Olga Nguyen has been drawing and painting since 1984. She has been exploring and sharing art approaches to healing trauma (Neuroart/Visual NVC) since 2017 . Olga now holds a degree in Art Therapy. Olga also brings to it her skills as CNVC CT (since 2012) and an assessor-in-training for CNVC . Olga has shared NVC and Neurobiology in the UK, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam and Malaysia since 2007. Olga shares Neuroart in live courses in Russian via her Russian website and in English here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 10 calendar days and we will give you a full refund.
Can I teach the content of this course to others once I have completed it?
This course is a practitioner course, not an instructor's course. We do not target the development of instructor's skills like we do in our instructors' courses. Personally, I would recommend completing the instructors' course so that you have the depth and the breadth of the toolkit at the instructors' level before you start sharing it with others as an instructor. And if you have been on an instructor's course already, you may find that the foundations of these skills are familiar to you already, whilst this is an ever changing and evolving practice. For clarity, the scope of this course is to learn the methods for oneself. We do not cover teaching these methods in this course as there is so much more to teaching to teach it. Why? Whilst we and our learners so far experience this as a gentle and supportive modality, depending on the experiences that we explore with it, all sorts of challenges may come up for learners and we would love for the instructors to have a deeper level of knowledge of how the methods work and a wide variety of ways to support the learners of this method. This is why we provide this in-depth knowledge in the instructor tranings. We do notice marked deepening in the ability to support the learners in "stuck places" or with deeper processing after the instructors course as per our observations and feedback. So if you are interested in becoming an instructor and have a group who wants to do it with you, either ask in the comments to the page and we'll reply or email us. So in short, whilst we believe that this course does what it set out to do (to help you learn the methods as advertised), it is beyond its scope to provide skills for teaching this to others. Check out the relevant article on our blog to see the skills that the Instructors course covers. So, for the integrity of this method and for comfort and ease of your learners and clients, we would not ordinarily recommend to start sharing these methods after completing this course alone! And obviously, ultimately, we are here to support the learners (including yourself), and to share our new methods, and to train the instructors. We do not see being the "police" as our role. So realistically, ultimately, we believe that the choice and responsibility about what you do with what you learn lies with you.
Can you tell me more about the method, its origins, influences?
Of course! Here you go - . Enjoy!

Get started now!