Olga Nguyen, CNVC Certified Trainer, Assessor with cnvc.org

  • Supported families and organisations with NVC since 2007
  • Certified CNVC Trainer since 2012.
  • Trained NVC trainers since 2011
  • Experienced in supporting global audiences in the UK, Ireland, Malaysia, Ukraine and Russia.

Why choose a course or individual support with Olga?

Q: Do you deal with people and teams whose language or culture different from yours?

From your own kids to teens next door to a team in your company across the globe? Growing up in the USSR, then Russia, with a Vietnamese father, Russian-speaking mother and Russian and Ukrainian speaking grandparents, Olga moved to the UK in her early 20ies. Olga worked in Ireland, Ukraine and Malaysia, and has been sharing an approach to bridging cultural, social and age divides. The approach works, as testified by many of her clients and student.

Q: Are you a changemaker and pioneer in your area?

Perhaps, a social change entrepreneur, or an innovator or an attachment parent in not-so-"attachment" neighbourhood? Do you sometimes get disenheartened or tired from going against the grain and trailblasing? Olga has been walking this path and supporting those who walk it for 13 years now. She's still at it.

Q: Is it important for you that you learn from those who "walk the walk"?

What Olga is teaching and sharing has been tried and tested by her in her life and work, and by her students. What you get from Olga would be based on her real-life experience. This ranges from NVC diversity and power and privilege trainings to individual NVC support to immigrants to attachment parenting with NVC and supporting our kids' learning with NVC.

Q: What courses and support does Olga offer?

  • Introduction to NVC webinar
  • Safe heavens in relationships using NVC - level 1, 2 and 3
  • NVC retreats
  • NVC Practitioner course
  • NVC at work, business and project teams
  • One-to-One support work

In Ukraine, Olga designed and/or delivered courses to:

  • teachers at schools throughout Ukraine * that change their places of work from treating students as cogs-in-the-wheel (sometimes with tragic consequences like bullying or in some schools even grievous bodily harm) to respect, partnership and empathy to students and colleagues alike
  • facilitators who mediate between local authorities and the individuals (including those who lived through war and trauma) throughout Ukraine
  • those who support families with young children (including those who have moved from or are in war zone)

She has also supported those in Ukraine individually.